Richard Sauter presented the Enterprise Advanced Concept Car at The Geneva Palexpo in 1983. The extensive R&D that went into creating the prototype was sponsored by Du Pont, Goodyear, British Leyland & Chameleon Cars on Park Lane London.
The first for door production car with a CD of .026*
The first safe at any speed Kevlar bodied car
The first production car to employ an explosion proof fuel tank
The first production car to employ a superchared  V8
The first production car to offer a lifetime quarantee against corrosion & dents
The first production car with built in solar powered generating system
026 is the lowest CD ever recorded at the MIRA wind tunnel for a full size 4 door passenger car.

Articles on Richard have appeared in over 50 publications world wide,
combined with personel interviews on TV. Top Gear, BBC News and TV AM.

Daily Mirror
“A British supercar steels the show”.
“A new frontiersman, the Enterprise is not, accordind to Sauter, a luxurious
and exclusive machine “it’s an intelligent car for mankind”.

Road & Track
“Kevlar bodied Enterprise, a sophisticated safety car, sauter has combined
active and passive safety features in a non-compromising fashion.

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