Black Magic is a 4,000 ton Solar Hybrid Vessel that reduces GHG emissions by 75 to 100% by harnessing energy from the Sun, Wind & Waves.
It features Mercedes Benz & Daimler DD16 Bluetec power plants to deliver the cleanest propulsion system to date.

The currently available Green Technology present in Black Magic includes:

Mercedes Benz & Daimler DD16 Bluetec diesel electric power generation
Hydro & Aerodynamic advances in wave piercing pentamaran hull design.
Azimuth counter rotating CLT high torque propeller system.
State of the art fully rotational wing sails.
KER & Power sailing regeneration.
Maximum solar cell deployment (2,000 square meters)
Energy efficient equipment; including AC & refrigeration waste heat recovery.
Computerized energy management, maintenance & guidance systems.
Lithium ion UPS.

Solar cells, Power sailing regeneration, Ker and Plug-in power sources charge a lithium ion UPS storage system that runs all hotel services

The same UPS allows Black Magic to navigate harbors and inland water ways with Zero Emissions.

Combine the above with 300 to 900kws of Wing Sail Propulsion to arrive at virtually unlimited Zero Carbon Cruising at an average speed of
10 knots. 12 knots, with optional Sky Sails.

Black Magic Bluetec Solar Hybrid Tanker.

Displacement 4,000 tons,
Length 125m
Beam 21m
Draft 6m
Service speed 12knts
Max speed 14knts
Green power installed.
MB & Daimler Bluetec power generation 1,200kws
Wing Sail power generation 300 to 900kws
Solar cells 200kws
Ker & Power sailing regeneration up to 100kws

Black Magic is a 10,000 ton per year Certifiable Carbon Offset Project, equivalent, to the annual Carbon Footprint of 2,500 people across the globe.