Sauter Carbon Offset Design &  Eastlack Consulting LLC Present Zero Emissions Racing.Org (ZER0) an alliance  providing technical support to establish, promote and sponsor UN Gold Standard Net Zero Motor Sport Racing, starting with the APBA Extreme Catamaran Official Pace Boat.

To achieve  UN Gold Standard Net Zero Race Team status, green H2 zero emissions race boats must be transported to and from racing events by green H2 zero emissions trucks, that include the Kenworth/Toyota H2 electric T680 in the USA, and Hyzon Hymax trucks in Europe, the middle East and Asia.

To ensure  absolute net zero compliance, zero emissions race boats, with their trucks and trailers, are embedded with Solbian solar panels that generate enough energy to offset the additional power requirements incurred throughout their racing season’

For more details on how to take part in the Race to Zero, either as a  Net Zero Race Team, a power boat manufacturer or boat owner who wants to retrofit their stern drives with up to 750 hp of Net Zero power.


The primary objective of Sauter Carbon Offset Design is to provide well established Net Zero solutions for maritime vessels, commercial and private, as well as currently available Net Zero energy solutions for habitats, that include Hotel Resorts, that act as Solar Energy Power Stations that supply surplus electricity to their neighbors or the grid.