The first for door production car with a CD of .026, the lowest CD ever recorded at the MIRA wind tunnel for a full size 4 door passenger car.

The first safe at any speed Kevlar bodied car
The first production car to employ an explosion proof fuel tankThe
first production car to employ a superchared  V8
The first production car to offer a lifetime quarantee against corrosion & dents
The first production car with built in solar powered generating system
“A new frontiersman, the Enterprise is not, accordind to Sauter, a luxurious
and exclusive machine “it’s an intelligent car for mankind”.

Daily Mirror
“A British supercar steels the show”.
Road & Track
“Kevlar bodied Enterprise, a sophisticated safety car, sauter has combined
active and passive safety features in a non-compromising fashion.
“An astonishing car makes its debut at the Geneva motor show:

Alternative Car
”There was no other car at the Geneva Show that even approached the innovative engineering and technical advances
embodied in the ATM Enterprise”

In 1992 Richard Sauter received a British Engineering Patent for an automotive Supercharger.
UK Patent GB 2209802